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[Blog] Off The Plan vs Existing Property

Exploring the benefits of property types to help you determine the property best suited for you.

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Understand NSW property grants and see which ones you may be eligible for.

[Blog] Property Contracts: Cooling Off Period

Essential for buyers to reconsider decisions, inspect properties, and finalize finances.

[Blog] Buying a property with an existing tenant

5 pros and 5 cons of buying a property with an existing tenant. What it means for your goals.

[Blog] Why choose an accredited specialist?

10 reasons why you should choose an accredited specialist for your law needs.

[Blog] Reviewing a residential contract

5 things to look out for when reviewing a residential contract of sale.

[News] LaunchDay: The voices of tomorrow

Featured in Forbes, LaunchDay creator Dean Cvetkoski interviews Solon & others.

[Blog] Preparing to buy a residential property

Here are 10 crucial factors to consider when purchasing your property.

[Blog] Understanding the role of a solicitor

Navigating legal matters. 7 tasks your solicitor handles.